Preg-Tone II Plus for Swine

by Renco

The Preg-Tone II Plus is used to detect pregnancy in swine. You can begin testing sows as early as 18 days and as late as 75 days after breeding. When testing is done at 18 days, it should be repeated at 30 days to ensure accurate test result. Test is completed in seconds. Confirm pregnant or open sows in less than 30 seconds at 30 days. Proper skin contact will be made when any oil is used between the skin and surface of transducer. The Preg-Tone II Plus has a louder sound for positive identification of pregnancy. Safe, all testing done externally, no harm to sow or litter. Tough plastic, acid-resistant case. Replaceable 9 Volt battery.

Item: 17457 Color/Style: w/out Earphone $237.95 Shipping: FREE


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