Sullivan's Appetite Express Probiotic Granules

by Sullivan Supply

Sullivan’s Appetite Express Probiotic Granules encourage the appetite and aid in proper digestion for improved feed efficiency. Appetite Express provides 19.5 billion microbials per 1/2 oz. Live yeast, yeast culture and enzymes. Helps maintain a healthy G.I. tract in animals on the farm or at shows. Appetite Express is for beef cattle, dairy cattle, swine, sheep, goats, and horses. Top dress or mix with feed ration. Cattle, swine and horses: feed 1/2 oz. per head daily. Sheep and goats: feed 1/4 oz. per head daily. Granules.

Item: 20409 Size: 5 lb $32.50 4 @ $29.75 Shipping: 6 lbs