Clipper Blades

by Andis

Andis Clipper Blades are "carburized", which is a hardening process that adds carbon to the blades, making them stay sharp longer than other blades. Andis Clipper Blades have a chrome finish which will prevent rust and maintain optimum performance. Andis Clipper Blades fit all Andis detachable blade clippers as well as Oster A-5 models. Preferred blade of Kirk Stierwalt.

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Item: 21632 Size: No. 10 $22.95
Item: 21633 Size: No. 15 $22.95
Item: 24240 Size: No. 30 $22.95
Item: 21634 Size: No. 40 $22.95
Item: 22706 Size: T - 84 $29.95 $26.95
Item: 37717 Size: 3/4" HT $47.95
Item: 37006 Size: Medium Blending $37.95 $33.95
Item: 36407 Size: Super Blocking $33.95 $29.95
Item: 17767 Size: 5/8" HT $49.95
Item: 40218 Size: T - 10 $33.95 $29.95
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