Kubic Poultry Feeder

by Premier Sheep Supplies

* 30 lb. capacity feeder can feed up to 100 adult birds (figured on an average 4 oz. daily serving)
* Waterfowl friendly
* Cap twists open to quickly check feed levels
* Hinged top for easy filling
* Crumbles, wheat, barley, and cracked corn can be used in this feeder
* Legs elevate the feeder 4" above the soil to prevent debris from entering the trough
* For indoor and outdoor use
* Cannot be hung
* 18"H x 17"W x 17"L
* Note: As with all high capacity feeders, use a coarsely ground feed to maintain proper feed flow. Feeds with too many fines may bind up in humid climates.

Item: 44945 (ds) $61.95 Shipping: 36 lbs
*(ds) - Ships in approximately 5 day(s). See Shipping section on Information tab below for details.


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