Crusader Pasture Long Nose Fly Mask with Ears

by Cashel

Crusader Pasture Long Nose Fly Mask is the safe alternative to fly sprays. Patented three-hole cap eliminates forelock damage and the unique design keeps the mesh well away from the eye area, making the Crusader the most comfortable mask available. The plastic-coated mesh is durable and blocks 70% of damaging UV rays. Soft nylon micromesh ears to keep away biting gnats. Gray mesh with black trim.

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Item: 34413 Size: Foal $28.79
Item: 34413 Size: Weanling $28.79
Item: 34413 Size: Yearling $28.79
Item: 34413 Size: Cob $28.79
Item: 34413 Size: Horse $28.79
Item: 34413 Size: Draft $28.79
Item: 34413 Size: Warmblood $28.79


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