Ken McNabb Lifter Horse Bit

by Weaver Leather

What makes this bit special? Designed by Ken McNabb, this stainless steel lifter bit uniquely applies an even ratio of pressure to the horse’s mouth without needing to use any leverage, making it the perfect transition bit from a snaffle. Mimicking a similar signal to a snaffle, this bit is not too strong and also features football-shaped bit attachments to prevent any pinching. Partnering the cheek and 3-piece lifesaver mouth design, this bit offers the perfect combination for achieving collection, quick release, and lateral flexion. “The lifter bit has become one of my all-time favorite bits. Assembled, the amount of poll pressure applied to the headstall makes it so much easier to develop a great headset.” Ken McNabb. 7" cheeks, 5 1/4" 3-piece lifesaver mouth with copper roller.

Bit Level A
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Item: 44893 $49.99


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