First Pulse D Oral Drench

by Ralco

First Pulse D is an oral drench colostrum supplement that gets disadvantaged baby pigs up and eating. First Pulse D is a fast-acting formula to increase daily weight gain and reduce mortality. Provides colostrum extract to improve immunity and stimulate appetite. Prebiotic fiber to establish a balanced gut microflora. Highly available energy promotes vigor to get weak pigs up and eating. Synergy Essence provides an exclusive blend of essential oils including oregano oil for antifungal, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties to improve gut health and stimulate the immune system. Give 2 ml orally daily to each at-risk piglet. Includes pump dispenser to deliver 2 ml per pump.

Item: 29404 Size: 250 ml $41.89
Item: 29403 Size: 60 ml No longer available


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