Triple Action Multi-Wormer Crumbles for Poultry

by Rooster Booster

Triple Action Multi-Wormer is used to control round worms, cecal worms, and capillary worms in poultry. Contains Hygromycin B in a nutrition-rich base containing essential amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and direct-fed microbials. For broilers or laying hens, mix 1.25 lbs. Multi-Wormer crumbles with 50 lbs. feed. Provides 0.005 grams of Hygromycin B per pound of medicated feed. Multi-Wormer is recommended for continuous use until 3 days prior to slaughter. The eggs produced from hens fed Multi-Wormer are safe for human consumption. Crumbles.

Item: 39650 Size: 1.5 lb $19.99


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