Immunize Naturally Pellets for Livestock

by Oxy-Gen

Immunize Naturally Pellets are formulated to help protect show livestock against disease. Immunize Pellets speed healing, boost the immune system, and fight both viral and bacterial infections. The formula is based on an antioxidant biotechnology using beta-glucans, a term used to refer to a class of soluble fibers found in many plant sources. Beta-glucans can have a positive effect on the immune, cardiovascular, and digestive systems, and have been hailed for their virus-fighting and healing capabilities. Immunize Pellets contain 18.5% crude fat and 4% crude fiber from grain, plant, forage, and roughage products, brewer’s dried yeast, wheat germ meal, vitamin E, L-lysine, L-arginine, dl-arginine, and yeast extract. Safe, all-natural and drug free. Immunize Naturally Pellets are for cattle, horses, swine, sheep, and goats. Feed 1 oz. per head daily. Pellets.

Item: 29120 Size: 5.625 lb (90 days) $79.00 Shipping: 6 lbs


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