Egusin 250 for Horses

by Centaur

Egusin 250 for Horses is used in the prevention of "stress stomach." The dietary ingredients in Egusin 250 help neutralize gastric acid, protect the stomach, stabilize intestinal function and bind to toxins. Includes antacids to provide instant and sustained neutralization of corrosive acid, lecithin to protect the gastric mucosal membranes and aid in re-establishing the stomach lining, dietetic soluble fibers to stabilize and improve function of the stomach and colon, insoluble oat fibers to provide fiber and promote intestinal absorption, and pectin to bind with toxins that can contribute to diarrhea. Feed adult horses 1 scoop twice daily for a minimum of 21 days. Pellets.

Item: 28528 Size: 11.6 lb (21 days) $78.59 Shipping: 13 lbs


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