Rescue! Western USA Yellow Jacket Disposable Trap

by Sterling International

Rescue! Western USA Yellow Jacket Disposable Trap effectively attracts, traps and kills North American species of yellow jackets. Unique attractants target the species of yellow jackets which are found in the Western USA. Easy to use. Simply add water to activate the powdered attractant and hang. The insects find its lure irresistible. They simply follow their instincts, enter the trap, and drown in the liquid inside. Attractant lasts for weeks so re-baiting isn't necessary. No need to touch bait or insects. Completely disposable. The Rescue! Yellowjacket Trap is perfect for barns and stables, or outdoor events like picnics and camping trips.

Eastern USA and Western USA Map

Item: 28595 Size: 1 ct $5.29 12 @ $4.89
Item: 28596 Size: 12 ct $63.48 $58.68


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