EasyShoe Flex with Toe Clip and Heart Bar Horseshoes

by EasyCare
  • EasyShoe Flex with Toe Clip and Heart Bar Horseshoes Item # 44583

A hybrid nail-on shoe that incorporates shock-absorbing urethane and unique spring steel. The combination of urethane and spring steel encourages hoof mechanism and movement. The spring steel insert inside the urethane helps farriers seat the nails, prevents the shoe from cupping, and yet still allows the hoof to flex and move with each foot fall. The spring steel requires some different techniques and instructions than that used on steel or aluminum shoes. Shoes can’t be shaped, but instead are fit by tracing and removing excess material. Great for distance riders, trail horses, horses working on hard surfaces. The wide web design, 40mm in width, is ideal for therapy cases allowing for pour in packing products.

Item: 44583 ** Size: 0 (2 ct) $39.95
Item: 44583 ** Size: 1 (2 ct) $39.95
Item: 44583 ** Size: 2 (2 ct) $39.95
Item: 44583 ** Size: 3 (2 ct) $39.95
Item: 44583 ** Size: 4 (2 ct) $39.95
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