Lifeline Protect Dairy Colostrum Supplement

by APC

Lifeline Protect Dairy provides supplemental colostrum for newborn dairy calves when maternal colostrum quality is unknown or when calves have trouble suckling. Feed in addition to maternal colostrum, Protect Dairy provides 50 grams of globulin protein per feeding, plus essential nutrients dairy calves need at birth. 48% crude protein, 0.5% fat, formulated especially for dairy calves. The bovine serum-based formula mixes well and feeds easily. Mix one package with 1.5 quarts warm water. Feed to the calf in one feeding via nipple or esophageal feeder. For best results, Protect Dairy should be fed within 2 hours of birth, with a second feeding given 8 to 12 hours after the first feeding. Ideally, it should be fed within 24 hours of birth.

Item: 29408 Size: 1 lb $13.49
Item: 29409 Size: 1 lb 6 ct multipack $80.94 Shipping: FREE


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