1004 Juvenile Riding Helmet

by Devon Aire
  • 1004 Juvenile Riding Helmet Black - Item # 19158
  • 1004 Juvenile Riding Helmet Pink - Item # 19158

This Juvenile Helmet is perfect for young first time riders. Carefully designed for the little heads that wear them, the Juvenile helmet comes with proven safety features. Dial adjustable ring system is vertically anchored to prevent it from pulling out. Chin strap is anchored and comes with a quick snap release buckle that can be loosened with one hand. Removable cushioned head liner can be washed. Mesh covered vents help keep out dirt and debris.

Item: 19158 ** Color/Style: Black Size: XS/S $35.95
Item: 19158 ** Color/Style: Pink Size: XS/S $35.95
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