AllerG-3 Capsules

by Vetoquinol

AllerG-3 Capsules provide Omega 3 fatty acids to improve skin and coat condition in dogs. AllerG-3 is rich in EPA and DHA fatty acids which help decrease allergy related inflammation and itching. AllerG-3 Capsules can help provide relief from allergy related conditions and help improve condition of skin and coat. Contains high quality fish oil plus vitamins A, D and E. Capsules may be punctured and contents poured onto food, if desired.

Item: 15704 Size: 600 mg/60 ct (cats & small dogs) $10.99
Item: 15705 Size: 600 mg/250 ct (cats & small dogs) $29.99
Item: 15706 Size: 1000 mg/60 ct (medium dogs) $12.49
Item: 15707 Size: 1000 mg/250 ct (medium dogs) $34.99
Item: 15708 Size: 2000 mg/60 ct (large & giant dogs) $17.99
Item: 15709 Size: 2000 mg/250 ct (large & giant dogs) $46.29


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