USDA Swine Premises Ear Tags - #d Tag w/PIN Number

by Allflex

An Official Swine Premises (PIN) tag is required as a condition of sale for all culled breeding stock, effective January 1, 2015.

Allflex Official USDA Swine Premises ID (PIN) Tags. Your farm's Premises ID Number (PIN) is printed on the male Integra panel. PIN tags provide visual reference of your farm's PIN, allowing buyers pre-harvest traceability. Once an animal has been tagged with an official PIN tag, it should not be removed or given a different official tag. If using PIN tags for ID prior to culling, it is advised that records documenting the tagging and movement of breeding stock with PIN tags be kept for 3 years. These are NOT official 840 USDA individual animal ID tags. PIN tags are only to be used for culled breeding stock: gilts, sows, and boars. Please provide your premise ID number, farm name, and complete address when ordering.

ALLFLEX SPECIAL IMPRINTS: Laser marking. Add $.15 per tag (per side) for special laser imprints including tags numbered on both sides, name/address/phone, brand or logo. Add $40.00 for one-time custom die charge (per side) when adding a brand or custom logo. To add customization, you will be prompted with product-specific questions when you click “Add to Cart”.

Add $5.00 freight charge per drop ship tag order. Also add $10.00 minimum order charge for drop ship tag orders less than $100.00. Fees will be applied during processing.

Item: 40993 (ds) Color/Style: Blue Size: 25 ct $25.99
Item: 40993 (ds) Color/Style: Magenta Size: 25 ct $25.99
Item: 40993 (ds) Color/Style: Orange Size: 25 ct $25.99
Item: 40993 (ds) Color/Style: Pink Size: 25 ct $25.99
Item: 40993 (ds) Color/Style: Red Size: 25 ct $25.99
Item: 40993 (ds) Color/Style: White Size: 25 ct $25.99
Item: 40993 (ds) Color/Style: Yellow Size: 25 ct $25.99
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