OTC Jug 5-pack + 1 Free OTC Jug

by Farnam

Purchase 5 OTC Jug, get 1 free.

OTC Jug instantly starts replacing vital body fluids lost during competition or hot weather. OTC Jug is a paste form of a veterinarian’s version of electrolytes known as a “jug” and given after a rare or stressful event. OTC Jug offers a full chain of amino acids as well as vitamins and minerals needed to replenish those fluids. Give 1 full tube after event, or 1/2 tube after a light workout in hot weather to prevent dehydration. 60 ml each.

Item: 18320 Color/Style: w/ 1 Free OTC Jug Size: 5 x 60 ml $52.45


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