3-Point Terminator Mist Sprayer

by A1 Mist Sprayer

Heavy duty 3-point Stump Jumper Design with 5/8" safety bar to protect undercarriage. 10 ga powder-coated steel frame. Category I, II and III Narrow Quick Hitch Compatibility. Category I and II hitch pins.

System includes:
* 60 gallon polyethylene tank with tank drain and hose
* 6 roller 6500C Hypro 22 GPM maximum Pump, belt driven
* Inline nylon 50 mesh line strainer
* Pressure regulator, glycerin filled pressure gauge 98% more accurate, Kinetic agitation
* Quick connect, Electric liquid flow On/Off Solenoid Valve, Switch, and wiring harness
* 15" Class III Industrial Huck Riveted Fan with Safety Ring (extends fan life 3-5 years)
* Chain Sprocket Rotation 210 degree (right to left) Rotation
* 2" x 8" Hydraulic Cylinder and Polyethylene 4-Nozzle Cannon Volute
* Power Take Off Driven with PTO Shaft (125 HP rated), PTO support bracket
* 540 RPM - (Minimum Required 30 HP Gasoline or 13 HP Diesel Engine) (Max. 300 HP)
* Measures 50.5"L x 35"W x 57.5"H
* Empty weight 487 lbs., Full weight 970 lbs.
* 75-90' maximum vertical throw, 80-140' maximum horizontal throw
* Removable pump belt for debris blowing
* Forklift compatible and lift hooks for loader & chain
* Electric On/Off control with 13' cable
* Safety Control Center (pressure gauge & regulator, back flush system, 3-way ball valve)

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