Breeder's Formula

by Life Data Labs

Breeder’s Formula® is a concentrated nutrient source formulated to promote healthy skin and reduce anxious behavior in dogs. Smooth, soft skin, a bright glossy coat - the outward signs of an inwardly healthy pet – are obvious within the first month of adding Breeder’s Formula® to your dog’s regular diet. The average dog’s diet is deficient in many of the nutrients supplied in this product – nutrients he must have to build healthy skin. Breeder’s Formula® also contains L–tryptophan, a nutrient required in the diet of all animals. A deficiency of L–tryptophan has been reported to lead to nervousness and anxiety in animals. Much like the L–tryptophan in milk helps people sleep, the calming effect of L–tryptophan when supplemented into a pet’s diet reduces compulsive scratching, licking and skin chewing. Breeder’s Formula® is recommended for dogs of all breeds and ages including pregnant dogs. Feed daily according to body weight. One 17.6 oz bag is approximately an 80 day supply for a 15-30 lb dog.

Item: 28652 Size: 17.6 oz $18.99


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