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Super Classic Bull Bow Livestock Gate

by Powder River

Super Classic Bull Bow Livestock Gate are a freestanding version of the classic gates except with a square corner design. The ‘Bow’ is constructed of heavy duty schedule 40 pipe and the bottom section is a shaped piece of 7-gauge steel plate. Inside is a super classic gate hung with a 180 degree heavy duty hinge set. This combination delivers the strongest bow gate available on the market. Comes standard with our Classic Lever Latch closure mechanism. 26" gate has 1.66 OD 13-gauge tubing. 3' and 4' gates have 1.25" tubing. 6' and 8' gates have 2" tubing. 10' and 12' gates have 2.5" tubing. The Super Classic has a top gate rail height of 70" and a height of 9'.

Due to manufacturer shipping constraints, the item(s) below must reach a total value of $4500.00 (mix and match on all Powder Creek products) in order to be purchased. With the minimum purchase, your order will ship directly to you by the manufacturer using their own truck delivery service.

Item: 26478 (ds) Size: 26" $273.95 Shipping: Quote
Item: 26472 (ds) Size: 3' $319.95 Shipping: Quote
Item: 26473 (ds) Size: 4' $388.95 Shipping: Quote
Item: 26474 (ds) Size: 6' $511.95 Shipping: Quote
Item: 26475 (ds) Size: 8' $596.95 Shipping: Quote
Item: 26476 (ds) Size: 10' $793.95 Shipping: Quote
Item: 26477 (ds) Size: 12' $865.95 Shipping: Quote
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