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MagnaFlap Pet Door

by Plaza Enterprises

A simple to install product at a value price. Precision machined from 3/16” thick polycarbonate (Lexan™), the same material used to make bullet proof glass. All edges are round and smooth, leaving no sharp corners or edges to injure pets. Transparent with a slight grey tint to allow light through while reducing the reflection to avoid frightening pets. Tough, strong, and durable spring hinges hold the door tightly closed against wind and air pressure changes. Stainless steel hinges will not rust or corrode and can be used outdoors and washed with all common cleaners. 55 degree angled nose flap along the side allows any pet, long or short-nosed, to open with ease. Door comes with pre-drilled mounting holes and colored mounting screws. Small and Medium doors have 2 hinges. Large doors are made with 3 hinges to ensure durability. Doors fit multiple size openings and are great for new and retrofit applications. Custom sizes available upon request. Optional foam weather stripping can be added for improved weather seal and quieter closing. Tight seal prevents loss of conditioned air, retains heat, and seals against insects.

Item: 43117 Size: 12.5" x 14.5" $44.95
Item: 43118 Size: 14.5" x 20" $54.95


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