STAYONS Epsom Salt Poultice Hoof Wrap

by The Better Bandage Co

Stayons Epsom Salt Poultice Hoof Wraps allow clean, rapid application and no-mess removal of a wet Epsom salt poultice. Epsom salt is commonly used after competition and heavy work or at any time of inflammation or bruising of the hoof. Wraps provide a convenient alternative to soaking feet and act as a true poultice. Each wrap is constructed of a unique fiber paper matrix that seals the dry poultice within a number of quilted pockets. Activate the poultice by soaking it in water for 15-20 seconds. The result is a gel poultice mixture that holds moisture for an extended time and provides excellent contact with the hoof. Covers the entire foot, from the bulb of the heel to above the coronary band. For maximum protection, cover wrap with Stayons Boot.

Item: 32228 Size: 2 ct $12.99


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