Omega Canine Shine

by Omega Field-Enreco

Omega Canine Shine provides natural Omega essential fatty acids to help maintain healthy skin and coat, and top performance in dogs of all ages. Helps reduce shedding, itching, and scratching while improving overall skin health. Omega Canine Shine combines stabilized ground fortified flax seed with other natural ingredients, including stabilized rice bran, ground sorghum seeds, herbs, spices, and refined fish oil. This combination provides the ideal balance of Omega-6 and Omega-3 levels in your pet's diet. One pound of Omega Canine Shine provides approximately 200 teaspoons. Dosage for dogs up to 20 lbs.: 1 teaspoon daily; 21 to 50 lbs.: 2 teaspoons daily; 51 to 90 lbs.: 3 teaspoons daily; over 90 lbs.: 5 teaspoons daily. Meal.

Item: 37020 Size: 1 lb $11.95