Marin Liver Support for Dogs

by Nutramax Laboratories

Marin Liver Support for Dogs provides silybin and vitamin E to support the liver, plus zinc for added health benefits. Silybin is derived from milk thistle. It supports oxidative balance and helps the flow of bile through the liver. Silybin may also support levels of glutathione which is an important compound protecting liver health. The exclusive silybin found in Marin is complexed with phosphatidylcholine which has been shown to increase absorption compared to standardized milk thistle extracts. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that has been shown to help protect liver function. Zinc supplementation may be beneficial in dogs with long-term decreased liver function as these dogs often have low liver zinc levels. Zinc participates in many enzymatic reactions within the body and any deficiency may have harmful effects. Each tablet contains 43 mg Silybin A+B, 150 IU vitamin E and 20 mg zinc.

Item: 41555 Size: 30 ct $18.95


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