Horse Tamer Collar

by Ok Corral Enterprises

The perfect solution for problem horses that slip their collar on picket line. Also allows for the use of shorter lead ropes on picket lines, leaving less chance of getting tangled up while tied. No halters to hassle with while bridling or grooming. Made from 6,000 lb. strength 1 1/2" nylon strap, neoprene-lined to prevent rubbing, stainless steel hardware. Adjustable for 26-35". Colors may vary.

Please note: Collars are to be used in association with picket lines. Never use the collars to tie a horse to a solid object.

Item: 33287 Color/Style: Black $19.95
Item: 33287 Color/Style: Blue $19.95
Item: 33287 Color/Style: Red $19.95


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