Lifeline Perfect Udder w/ Feeding Tube

by APC

Lifeline Perfect Udder is a patented single-use feeding system for delivering supplemental colostrum to newborn calves. Includes Perfect Udder bag, 1 serving of Lifeline Protect Dairy colostrum supplement, and 1 esophageal tube feeder. Perfect Udder provides the assurance that the products you're feeding to your newborn calves are clean, safe, and disease free. To save time and risk of contamination, Lifeline Protect Dairy colostrum comes pre-measured in the Perfect Udder bag. Simply open the bag, add warm water, and shake or massage the bag until solids have dissolved. Mixed volume is approximately 2 quarts. Feeding tube screws onto the bag's threaded opening for a leak-proof fit.

Item: 29410 Size: 1 lb $18.29
Item: 29411 Size: 6 x 1 lb No longer available


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