Wound & Trauma Bandage Pack

by America's Acres

For emergency or everyday use, this pack offers the convenience of having specialty bandage supplies at your fingertips in one complete package.
* Sterile 12" x 30" wound and trauma dressing pad
* Sterile 3" x 8" non-stick pad
* Gauze sponge pads 4" x 4"
* 2 rolls conforming stretch gauze 4" x 4 yds
* Safe Wrap Self-Adherent Easy Tear Compression Bandage 4" x 5 yds
* All bandage items are designed to conform to difficult-to-wrap areas
* Elasto Wrap Conforming Easy Tear Stretch Tape 3" x 5 yds
* Povidone-iodine ointment
*Triple antibiotic ointment
* 1 pair nitrile gloves

Item: 44857 $20.95


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