Tricky Trainer Chewy Dog Training Treats

by Cloud Star

The perfect bite size treats to train your dog. Tricky Trainers have a soft texture making them ideal for all small and older dogs. Made with natural and wholesome ingredients. No wheat, corn, artificial colors, artificial flavors or byproducts are added. Great for treat-dispensing toys! Made in the USA. 1cm x 1cm treat size (approx. 3 calories per treat)

Item: 17020 Color/Style: Cheddar Size: 14 oz $10.95 3 @ $10.29
Item: 17020 Color/Style: Liver Size: 14 oz $10.95 3 @ $10.29
Item: 17020 Color/Style: Salmon Size: 14 oz $10.95 3 @ $10.29


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