Bucas Zebra Buzz Off Fly Sheet with Neck

by Toklat Original

A joint experiment conducted by universities in Hungary and Sweden demonstrated that a zebra’s contrasting black and white stripes attract far fewer horseflies (tabanids) than a homogenous black, brown, gray, or white coat. The Buzz Off Full Neck provides full protection of the body, neck, and belly. The lightweight fine mesh with high tensile strength makes it suitable for turnout in spring and summer. It provides 80% UV protection, preventing sunburn and coat damage. The zebra stripes provide an added layer of protection against biting insects without wasteful sprays or expensive chemically-treated fabrics. It is nature’s way of protecting the zebra, and works for the domestic horse too!

Item: 31327 (ds) Size: 69" $189.95 Shipping: FREE
Item: 31327 (ds) Size: 72" $189.95 Shipping: FREE
Item: 31327 (ds) Size: 75" $189.95 Shipping: FREE
Item: 31327 (ds) Size: 78" $189.95 Shipping: FREE
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