B700 Multi-Power Fence Energizer

by Gallagher

Suitable for fencing all types of animals. The B700 is ideal for permanent electric fencing in remote areas that have unreliable or no access to 110V power.
* Clean Fence: 80 miles / 450 acres
* Typical Fence: 25 miles / 200 acres
* 7 Stored Joules
* Flexibility in fence management – choose high or low power operating modes
* Gain peace of mind that fence is working properly – neon fence light flashes intermittently or not at all if fence is overloaded
* Check battery at a glance – flashing red light shows when battery is running low
* Save energy - Energizer slows to half speed when battery power is low
* Uses a 12V deep cycle rechargeable battery - battery not included
* Solar panel not included - sold separately
* Best for use with cattle, horses, swine, sheep, goats, buffalo, deer, elk, and bear
* 3-year warranty

Item: 44168 $599.95 Shipping: 9 lbs


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