Tamperproof Numbered Large Calf ID Ear Tags

by Allflex

Calf size. 3" high x 2-1/4" wide.

Allflex Tamperproof calf ear tags offer advanced security for your livestock identification and management program. When Allflex Tamperproof tags are applied, the self-piercing tip of the male button is locked tightly into the panel tag. Tags swivel to prevent snagging, but cannot be removed without being destroyed. Ideal for official certification or registration programs, or to provide added security and peace of mind. Allflex Tamperproof tags are made from polyurethane, making them completely waterproof, tough, durable and snag proof. Numbered ear tags are printed in high contrast Allflex Laser-Ink Marking. Underneath a dark ink overlay is the matching laser number etched permanently into the surface of the tag. Laser engraved printing is guaranteed not to fade. Numbered tags are available in packages of 25 consecutive (sequential) numbers. Specify the number series that you wish to order when finalizing your order in the "special instructions" field. Use Allflex Universal Total Tagger or Global Retract-O-Matic to apply tags. 3" high x 2-1/4" wide.

ALLFLEX SPECIAL IMPRINTS: Laser marking. Add $.15 per tag (per side) for special laser imprints including tags numbered on both sides, name/address/phone, brand or logo. Add $40.00 for one-time custom die charge (per side) when adding a brand or custom logo. To add customization, you will be prompted with product-specific questions when you click “Add to Cart”.

Add $5.00 freight charge per drop ship tag order. Also add $10.00 minimum order charge for drop ship tag orders less than $100.00. Fees will be applied during processing.

Item: 14522 (ds) Color/Style: Blue Size: 25 ct $28.39
Item: 14522 (ds) Color/Style: Green Size: 25 ct $28.39
Item: 14522 (ds) Color/Style: Orange Size: 25 ct $28.39
Item: 14522 (ds) Color/Style: Pink Size: 25 ct $28.39
Item: 14522 (ds) Color/Style: Purple Size: 25 ct $28.39
Item: 14522 (ds) Color/Style: Red Size: 25 ct $28.39
Item: 14522 (ds) Color/Style: White Size: 25 ct $28.39
Item: 14522 (ds) Color/Style: Yellow Size: 25 ct $28.39
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