Target IR

by Vet-a-mix

Target IR was developed to meet the special needs of insulin-resistant horses, but is beneficial to any horse on a predominantly hay diet. Target IR provides the nutritional support required by horses on a grass hay diet. Provides a balance of vitamins and minerals for optimal nutrition, health and control of insulin resistance, a key factor in laminitis prevention. Based on the most advanced nutritional knowledge available, Target IR was developed to meet the recommendations of the Equine Cushing's and Insulin Resistance Group. Target IR, along with a low non-structural carbohydrate hay feed and adequate exercise, is the ideal prescription for your overweight/lR horse. Feed 3 oz. per 10 lbs. of hay consumed daily.

Item: 26152 Size: 12 lb (32 days) $69.95 Shipping: 14 lbs
Item: 26153 Size: 36 lb (96 days) $184.95 Shipping: 38 lbs


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