Appetite Igniter Drench

by Sullivan Supply

Appetite Igniter Drench helps show cattle stay healthy and on feed while at home or on the road. Drench is intensified with more nutrients and enzymes than Appetite Igniter paste or granules. Combines essential vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, and Amaferm, a prebiotic formula designed for quick appetite response and improved digestibility. Amaferm uniquely stimulates the good organisms involved in digestion. Use Appetite Igniter Drench any time the animal's digestive system is being challenged, such as shows, feed change, bloat, or when there is a need to stimulate appetite. Feed 30 ml per head daily every 3 days. Feed 30 ml the day before leaving for show and 30 ml when you get to show.

Item: 29091 Size: 500 ml $37.50


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