Long Shoulder Bridge Saddle Pad

by Circle Y

Based on the saddle fitting experience of Circle Y and Tucker employees, they have introduced three styles of bridge pads to accommodate some of the most common conformation issues that interfere with proper saddle fit. Designed to fit under your regular saddle pad, the bridge pads are made with memory foam that fill in the gaps between your horse and saddle. The pad is encased in cotton spandex for easy care.

#42 Long Shoulder Bridge Pad is for the horse with muscle atrophy, or hollows, behind the shoulder blades, prominent withers and a significant sway back.

Item: 15458 Color/Style: Black Size: 3/4" $70.95 Shipping: 6 lbs
Item: 15458 Color/Style: Black Size: 1" $70.95 Shipping: 6 lbs