Farrier's Formula

by Life Data Labs

Over 30 years of equine nutritional research, clinical trials and field testing have gone into every cup of Farrier's Formula. While no single nutrient is the key to a healthy hoof, studies show that most horses with hoof problems respond to better overall nutrition. Farrier's Formula provides nutrients such as phospholipids, Omega fatty acids, and important amino acid “protein building blocks” that enable horses to build strong structural and connective tissue proteins important for healthy hoof structure and growth. Within as little as two weeks of feeding Farrier's Formula, one should see a glossy, more deeply colored coat. By nine to ten weeks a new band of strong, healthy growth will be clearly visible at the coronary band, and the difference in the structure of the horn can be seen with the naked eye in the periople. Internal benefits are harder to see, but just as dramatic. Feed one standard measuring cup per 1000 lbs body weight daily. Pellets.

Item: 38532 Size: 11 lb bag (30 - 60 days) $45.99 Shipping: 12 lbs
Item: 38533 Size: 11 lb pail (30 - 60 days) $62.99 Shipping: 12 lbs
Item: 38535 Size: 44 lb pail (120 - 240 days) $209.99 Shipping: 46 lbs


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