Elim-A-Fly Add-Pack with Clarify

by Milk Products

Elim-A-Fly with Clarify contains diflubenzuron, a larvacide that controls the development of horn flies, face flies, house flies, and stable flies in the manure of treated animals. Elim-A-Fly is added to the milk replacer or whole milk of pre-weaned calves. The diflubenzuron in Elim-A-Fly breaks the fly life cycle by preventing fly larvae from developing in the manure. The larvae die before they can become breeding adult flies. Elim-A-Fly can help reduce fly populations around the hutches and containment facilities of treated animals for an entire season. For best results start feeding Elim-A-Fly early in the spring, 30 days before flies begin to appear. Continue feeding pre-weaned calves throughout the summer and into fall until cold weather restricts fly activity. Feed calves 0.1 ounce per 100 lbs. body weight daily, mixed with prepared milk replacer or whole milk. Elim-A-Fly can be fed once daily or split equally among daily feedings. (8 lb. container will feed ten 100 lb. calves for 128 days.)

Item: 32618 Size: 8 lbs $33.95 Shipping: 8 lbs
Item: 32619 Size: 22.05 lb $77.95 Shipping: 24 lbs


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