Tissue Sampling Units (TSU) w/ Custom ID Numbers

by Allflex

Allflex Tissue Sampling Units (TSU) for Cattle are used with Allflex Tissue Sampling Applicator to punch and collect a tissue sample from an animal's ear. Allows clean, easy, and efficient collection of tissue samples for DNA analysis. As each tissue punch is collected, it is automatically sealed inside the collection tube in a specially designed preservative. Tissue samples can be stored at room temperature for up to one year before analysis. Tissue samples contain a large amount of high quality DNA, sufficient to yield excellent lab results. Each Allflex TSU is made up of a collection tube, metal cutter, and red plastic clip. Each TSU is designed for a single use; do not re-use any portion. Each box contains ten TSUs marked with ten consecutive Test ID numbers of your choice. Requires Allflex Tissue Sampling Applicator (sold separately).

Send samples to the lab of your choice to have DNA analyzed for parentage verification, genetic selection, BVD diagnostics, or other genome mapping. Lab testing and testing fees are the responsibility of the customer.
Coordinate with the lab of your choice, or contact:
Neogen Genomics
(877) 443-6489

Add $5.00 freight charge per drop ship order. Also add $10.00 minimum order charge for Allflex drop ship orders less than $100.00.

Item: 43359 (ds) Size: 10 ct $32.49
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