Bye Bye Odor®

Spalding Laboratories


Safe for People and Animals

Concentrate Scented Makes 20 Gallons


Stop Urine, Ammonia and Manure Odors Naturally

All LIVESTOCK: Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Swine, Poultry

All PETS: Cats, Dogs, Birds, Gerbils, Ferrets, Rabbits, Hamsters


A Smell Clean Up-Not A Cover Up

Bye Bye Odor® is a safe microbial solution that can substantially reduce or eliminate odors and ammonia caused by urine and manure. The Bye Bye Odor microbes, when wet, consume and breakdown the organics that cause the smell and ammonia.


Removes Dangerous Ammonia

Ammonia is the by-product of the decomposition of urine. The inflammation caused by even low levels of ammonia on an ongoing basis can result in severe respiratory problems. The danger of ammonia is under-appreciated by most horse owners. For many it’s just that “stall smell”, however, they’re not in that stall or trailer for hours a day. Plus ammonia is heavier than air so it’s near ground level where your horse’s nostrils can be.


Eliminates Smells from Urine, Manure and Perspiration

Bye Bye Odor is effective for horse stalls and trailers, saddle pads, dog kennels and dog beds, pet cages, RV black water tanks, sweaty gym clothes and shoes, musty closets, truck floor mats, carpets, furniture, kitty litter boxes, around toilets and more. If it pees, poops and sweats, Bye Bye Odor will help their areas and things not smell.


Directions For Use


Dilute Before Using

If using in large areas put 4 oz. of Bye Bye Odor in a clean (no previous pesticide use) pump-up 2.5 gallon sprayer and fill with water. 8 refills (20 gallons) should be enough for 40 horse stalls for one month. For smaller areas pour 2 capfuls of Bye Bye Odor into 32 oz. spray bottle.


Shake Before Each Use


Horse Stalls and Trailers- Clean stalls as you normally do then spray a light mist on the wet spots plus surrounding area and then re-bed. For trailers spray a light misting over the wet spots in shavings and spray floor mats after shavings have been removed. For really stinky situations it can take up to 3 days of daily use to eliminate the smell.


Kennels and Cages – Spray a light mist on all surfaces daily that have contact with urine or feces after cleaning. Apply to wet or dry surfaces.


Dog and Cat Urine or Poop on Carpets or Furniture – Soak up excess urine and then spray an even coat of Bye Bye Odor on the area. In extreme odor cases two or three daily applications is best. Old dried out stained areas can also be treated. Test a small hidden area for staining prior to use.




Avoid freezing or heat in excess of 120°F, bleach, disinfectants and chemical drain openers which can harm Bye Bye Odor’s active microbes. Wash your hands after use. Bye Bye Odor is not intended to be ingested. Shelf life is 2 years until mixed with tap water. Use mixed solution within 60 days. Keep this bottle tightly capped when stored.

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