Streak Master® Aluminum Brightener

Streak Master


Water, phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid, a proprietary blend of inorganic acids, catalysts, surfactant, and colorant.



For general brightening of aluminum, dilute 1 part Aluminum brightener with 10 parts water, For brightening newer trailers with an existing shine, dilute 1 part Aluminum Brightener with 40 parts water. Apply to surface at low pressure starting at the bottom and working upwards to prevent streaking and follow by brushing lightly to help remove oils and dirt for an even finish. A pump-up chemical sprayer, equivalent pumping system, or long handled brush is recommended for application. Do not use a hand trigger sprayer to apply this product. Let sit for 1 minute then rinse. For a brighter finish, immediately dry after rinsing with a soft cloth and rub with light pressure in a horizontal motion(not circular). For extra-heavy oxidation or when being used in cold weather, increase the amount of chemical being used. This product will dull polished surfaces; but, is safe on paint, chrome, steel, and polished stainless steel. Do not allow to dry on surface. Avoid overspray onto other vehicles or other fin-finish surfaces such as aluminum, paint, or glass. For removing black streaks from painted surfaces, use Streak Master Black Streak Remover.



Corrosive liquid. In case of contact with eyes, flush with water thoroughly and get medical attention immediately. In case of contact with skin, flush thoroughly with water and get medical attention. If irritation persists or pain is present. In case of ingestion, drink two large glasses of milk and get medical attention immediately. In case of inhalation, remove patient to fresh air and give artificial respiration. Never give anything by mouth to an unconscious person. Get medical attention immediately. Care must be taken when handling this product. Be sure to wear protective equipment when using, including safety glasses, acid resistant gloves, apron and rubber boots.

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