FootPro™ Silicone Tool Handle Wrap

Diamond Ferrier Co


This versatile tape can be used for a variety of uses and makes a very good handle wrap.

  • Fuses onto itself after 2 minutes and will not allow repositioning
  • Very high tensile strength (will not melt up to 500°F)
  • Flexible (up to -60°F)
  • Stretches up to 300%
  • Resists UV rays and weathering
  • 10 foot roll



  1. Clean the surface to be wrapped
  2. Cut the tape to desired length
  3. Keeping tape clean and dry, peel back a short length of the protective film
  4. Begin wrap with one complete overlap on itself
  5. Stretch tape while continuing to wrap object with half laps, removing protective film as you go
  6. End final wrap with tape completely positioned onto itself


Additional Uses

  • Temporary repair of radiator hoses.
  • Plumbing, hose repair, electrical connections up to 8000 volts

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