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Fast, Free Shipping on most $75+ orders

Grooma Easy Wormer

White Horse Trading

Simple to use. Saves money with accurate dosage and no more waste. Safe to use; surgical plastic construction. Overcomes trauma and hassle associated with drenching.

Instructions For Use:
1. Fit Easy Wormer bit in the horse's mouth making sure that it is firmly in place (showing two wrinkles at the corners of the mouth) adjusting headpiece as necessary.

2. Insert worming paste/medication into horse's mouth through the side bit opening.

3. Insert white plunger provided with Easy Wormer into bit to ensure all paste/medication is cleared from bit cavity into horse's mouth.

Important Do's and Don'ts:
Do not hold or place hand on horse's head/nose while drenching. Hold Easy Wormer when in use by the extended bit end only.

Do not put any substance (e.g. molasses) on the bit applicator.

Do fit the Easy Wormer and leave in the horse's mouth for a short time before drenching.

Do leave the applicator in the horse's mouth for approximately 5 minutes after drenching.

Do wash all parts after use in warm soapy water. Rinse well.

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