Canine Express™ Semen Shipping Kit


How To Use the Canine Express™ Cooled Semen Transport System

  1. Slide the “all plastic” syringe with cap into the gray foam thermoregulating sleeve.
  2. Lay the dose into the bottom of the Canine Express™ Cooled Semen Transport System.
  3. Lay the white foam plate on top of the doses of semen.
  4. Set the frozen coolant pack on top of the white plate and fold in excess plastic flaps.
  5. Set the lid in place and press together engaging the dual seal lid.
  6. Place the Canine Express™ into the corrugated box, fold in the side and front wings.
  7. Slide the wire tie through the two holes on the bottom front edge of the corrugated box.


Collecting and Preparing a Dose of Semen for Fresh Cooled Transport

  1. Using a Next Generation® Canine Collection Kit, collect a sperm rich fraction.
  2. Try not to get too any of the prostatic portion of the ejaculate mixed after the sperm rich fraction has been collected.
  3. Check motility, concentration, morphology, measure the volume with the syringe and extend the total volume of the collection to 4 parts extender; equals a 4:1 extension ratio.
  4. Next Generation® Dr Kenney’s Formula, Universal™ or the new Velocity Extenders work exceptional; Amikacin & K-Penn is the best antibiotic combination, although it has been known to be harsh on the semen of some horses and/or dogs.
  5. Testing your dog’s semen with a variety of extenders = Optimum Performance.
    * Pre-warm the extender to 37ºC, using an incubator or warming blanket.
    * After the semen has been collected, double check the temperature so that cold
       and/or reverse heat shock does not occur during the initial extension process—
       Shock Kills.
                      ***Always Mix Semen Into Like Temperature Extender***
  6. Sperm concentration and broad seminal extension are always good markers to follow, although it is important to only provide an insemination dose that is acceptable to the size of the bitch yet providing an optimal concentration of semen to enable conception.
  7. It is better to provide two doses of semen than one large dose.
    * Large semen doses induce excessive tract manipulation and can cause irritation.
    * Large semen doses will open the opportunity of contamination and infection.
  8. Dogs so not collect the same; seminal volume and/or sperm concentration can easily fluctuate between the various breeds; a sperm count is always good management.
    * A 4:1 ratio represents 4 parts extender to 1 part semen.
  9. Compared to equine fresh cooled semen, the two species are very similar in stress tolerance and survivability; common guidelines are as follows:
    * 25 to 35 million progressively motile sperm per extended milliliter.
    * 500 million progressively motile sperm extended 4:1.
  10. Research has shown that shipping a larger volume and then centrifuging off the supernatant upon arrival is highly effective, although make sure the receiving facility first has the capability to properly handle and centrifuge semen.

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