Drive-Thru Electric Gate
Koehn Marketing

  • adjustable 13 ft. to 19 ft. standard or 18 ft. to 24 ft. also available.       
  • protects the finish of the farm vehicles as the metal never touches the vehicle.       
  • holds cattle, hogs, sheep and horses like an electric fence.       
  • the drive-thru gate is energized with any common electric, battery or solar fencer or electric fence.       
  • the fiberglass polyethylene arms support the electrical yellow coated streamers that hang down giving a harmless shock when the animal touches them. they will respect the gate.       
  • flexible polyethylene arms break away if they should become caught on a tractor or vehicle.       
  • manufactured and sold by koehn for over 30 years.       
  • simple and easy to install. insulators already on gate; four nails install each side.       
  • 20 lbs. ups - 30 ft. underground cable standard.      
  • koehn marketing inc.
    p.o. box 577
    watertown, s.d. 57201-0577

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