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Miracle Collar
Weaver Leather

Stop Cribbing With These Easy Steps

A correct fit is necessary for the Miracle Collar to prevent and/or stop your horse from cribbing. Please remember that this includes the need to readjust the fit immediately after putting the Miracle Collar on and as needed whenever the Miracle Collar is being worn by your horse or after putting it on a different horse.

1. Stand on the near side of your horse and place the wide bottom piece under the jaw with the buckles facing out toward you. The cut-outs should conform around the jaw with the CENTER TAB pointed forward to fit in the space between the jaws.

2. For the Miracle Collar to be effective, it must be positioned on your horse's head correctly. Position the shorter NECK STRAP over the neck, through the mane (or over the bridle path) and buckle until just snug. You should always be able to slip a flat hand's width between the neck strap and your horse's neck. Note: The neck strap does not apply the pressure to stop cribbing and should be adjusted only snug enough to keep the collar in place.

3. Run the longer BROWBAND STRAP across the forehead just in front of and close to the ears and buckle moderately tight. As when putting anything new on your horse, watch how your horse reacts to the Miracle Collar's adjustment and make further adjustments one hole at a time.

4. The adjustment of the Miracle Collar's browband strap is very important since the leather will stretch and lengthen over time. First, adjust the browband strap with your horse's head in the upright position so enough pressure is applied for the Miracle Collar to stop your horse from cribbing. Be sure the browband strap fits tightly enough so it does not drop forward on your horse's face. This observation is best made by watching your horse eat hay or grass off the ground for a few minutes. If the browband strap appears to be loose in this head down position, continue to make tightening adjustments on the browband strap only, one hole at a time, until it cannot slide downward over the face or eyes. If necessary, you may also punch additional holes in the browband strap for more adjustment.

ATTENTION: The browband strap may need to be adjusted from time to time in the head down position (check the collar on a daily basis as leather becomes broken in) and the browband strap tightened even more if your horse still attempts to crib. The browband strap should always fit tighter than the neck strap. To help prevent sores from developing, make sure both straps are adjusted properly and check them frequently. We also recommend cleaning the Miracle Collar on a regular basis.

5. Now check the neck strap again for proper fit. You should still be able to slip a flat hand's width between the neck strap and the horse's neck (but make sure it's snug).

6. Be sure to run the straps through the metal keepers on the buckles so they can't be unbuckled by the horse wearing it or by other horses.

Proper Care and Maintenance

The Miracle Collar is constructed with the best craftsmanship and materials available including premium russet harness leather and quality nickel plated hardware. With proper care, this collar will be effective and withstand years of use.

As a part of your daily grooming schedule, check the Miracle Collar for a proper fit, because over time the leather straps may stretch and need to be adjusted. Also inspect the Miracle Collar for any needed cleaning or repair. Since the Miracle Collar is worn every day, it is very important that it is cleaned and inspected on a regular basis. When the collar is fitted properly and kept clean the horse should not develop sores. A cleaning with your choice of leather cleaner will help keep the Miracle Collar in shape.

A daily inspection of the Miracle Collar is absolutely necessary to help avoid any problems associated with the accumulation of dirt, manure, grime, sweat or problems that may occur from incorrect adjustment or position of the collar.

Because horses are powerful and sometimes unpredictable animals, we recommend the Miracle Collar be used by experienced horse owners, following all directions and using common sense.

Remember, your horse will only feel pressure when cribbing is attempted so the Miracle Collar can be worn at all times (even under a headstall or halter) and will not interfere with normal eating, drinking, breathing or riding.

The browband strap is the strap that applies the pressure to stop your horse from cribbing. Be sure it is properly adjusted. The neck strap simply helps hold the Miracle Collar in place.

Keep that collar clean!

For optimum results, it is very important to keep your horse's Miracle Collar clean and/or use our fleece covers and wash them regularly. The fleece covers can simply be washed by hand or in a washing machine. Being leather, the collar itself should not be washed in a washing machine, but here is an easy cleaning solution we recommend for the Miracle Collar:

  • 2 oz Ammonia
  • 2 oz white vinegar
  • 2 gallons warm water

Simply sponge on and wipe off and the solution will clean and disinfect the collar. Grooming your horse regularly will also help keep the collar effective and prevent rubbing. It is also a good practice to check the Miracle Collar on a daily basis for correct fit and overall condition.

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