SMB II Sports Medicine Boots
Professional’s Choice

Made from limestone-based neoprene, the Sports Medicine Boots II (SMB II) are the longest lasting boots available on the market today. Limestone neoprene is shown to resist aging caused by exposure to the elements, such as direct sunlight, moisture, and dirt better than petroleum based neoprene. Also, the SMB II is the only boot on the market with an antimicrobial inner-lining to prevent skin diseases, such as scratches.

SMB II’s were designed to absorb a portion of the energy generated as the hoof impacts the ground. The more energy absorbed, the less energy available to deform and injure the soft tissues of the limb. SMB II’s provide the highest proven levels of shock absorption, and help to prevent injuries associated with hyperextension of the fetlock. Scientific testing at Oklahoma State University showed that the SMB II absorbs up to 45% of hoof concussion energy on some horses. Eight times more than traditional bandages!

Innovation in materials and design of the SMB II can be credited for the higher levels of shock absorption. This means your horse will experience less negative stress while training, competing and maintaining a daily routine. And, if your horse has been injured or is rehabilitating from bowed tendons or suspensory ligament pulls, wearing the SMB II’s during exercise will help speed the healing process. Plus, the Sports Medicine Boots II get better with age. According to the scientific testing, actual use of the SMB II enhances its fit, function, and shock absorbing ability. SMB II's award-winning protection keeps your horse comfortable so you can concentrate on performance.

Sports Medicine Boot II Sizing:
To ensure maximum protection for your horse, we recommend careful and accurate size selection for SMB IIs. The boots can be used on either front or rear legs. Generally, horses need one size larger for rear legs. The majority of mature, medium boned horses will need 100’s on the front legs and 200’s on the rear legs.

SMB II Application in Four Easy Steps:

  1. For the easiest application roll the strap fasteners back and adhere them to the fabric. Place the boot on the leg with the darts positioned evenly under the Fetlock joint.  
  2. Holding the bottom suspensory strap attach the first hook fastener. This helps hold the boot in place while you tighten the other straps.  
  3. Working up to the top tighten each strap. Make sure the top of the boot is even and the straps are parallel to each other. Re-tighten each strap working back down the boot.  
  4. Unhook the bottom suspensory strap and pull it firmly to secure the middle hook closure under the sesamoid (point of the fetlock). Apply the remainder of the suspensory strap at a 45 degree angle from the leg and fasten it to the front of the boot. Finally smooth down all straps.


Note: Although over-tightening is practically impossible, it can be done. Please follow the instructions as outlined above to avoid complications.

Washing Instructions:
Hand wash in cool water with a mild detergent, such as Professional's Choice SportsSuds™. Rinse thoroughly to remove any soap residue, then towel off the excess moisture and allow to air dry. 

• Follow good medical and practical horse management procedures during application and use.

• The SMB II’s are designed for use during exercise and movement. Do not leave them on your horse for an extended length of time. They are not standing boots, and should be removed every few hours for a cooling off period.

• To help your boots last longer, clean them with a stiff brush after every use to remove dirt and debris, especially from the hook straps.

• A very small number of horses may develop an allergic reaction to the neoprene. If your horse develops a skin irritation, discontinue use and consult your veterinarian. 

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