PregnaMare USA

Top cover: Instructions and disinfections tissue.

1.       Tube with test-stick (red cap).

2.       Reagent A in tube with yellow cap.

3.       Reagent B in plastic dropper.

4.       Reagent B in tube with blue cap.

5.       Lance and blood collection swab.

The PregnaMare test detects the presence or absence of the pregnancy hormone PMSG* in the blood of the mare from day 40 to day 100 of pregnancy/ A positive test (two blue dots) indicates presence of PMSG. A negative test (one blue dot) indicates the absence of PMSG. A positive test after day 100 and until day 140 will still be an indication of pregnancy whereas a negative test during this time (day 100-140 is not a valid indication of non-pregnancy. As resorption is common in early pregnancy repeated testing is recommended, e. g. day 45, day 85, day 125. If no dot develops, the procedure may have been followed incorrectly, the test stored improperly or it has expired. In case the results are negative or very faintly positive, retesting can be done after 1-2 weeks.
*PMSG=Pregnant Mare Serum Gonadotropin.


1.       Disinfect a small hairless spot f.ex. in the hip area. Place the lancet tightly against the skin and press the button to release the needle. Wipe 5 drops of blood onto the collection swab.

2.       Remove the test-stick (red) from the tube and place the collection swab into the liquid. Stir until the solution turns red. After 2 minutes discard the swab and screw the test-stick back in*. Place the tub in the box and let it stand upright so the test-stick is immersed in liquid (f.ex. breast pocket) for at least 25 minutes but not more than 60 min.

3.       Remove the test-stick, rinse it thoroughly with cold water and shake all the water off.

4.       Place the test-stick in a tube with yellow cap. Place the tube in the box and let it stand upright for at least 25 minutes but not more than 60 minutes.

5.       Cut off the tip of the dropper and add the liquid to the solution in the blue capped tube. Rinse the test-stick thoroughly with cold water, shake the water off, and screw it into the tube with blue cap. Place the tube in the box and let it stand upright. After 10 minutes, take the test-stick out, rinse with cold water and read the results.

One dot indicates not pregnant, if pregnant, the second dot will be on the opposite side of the stick and fainter than the first. No dots indicates improper procedure or storage.

Allow to dry for preserving the result.

NOTE: After discarding the collection swab, the test to be done at room temperature or close to body temperature if done outside. Please note that the box shall always be left in an upright position so that the test-stick is immersed in liquid at all times.

5 drops collected. Red cap, 2 minutes.
Discard swab. Test-stick in, 25 minutes.
Rinse test-stick well. Yellow cap, 25 min.
Liquid from dropper into blue capped tube.
Rinse test –stick well. Blue cap, 10 min.
Read: 2 drops, positive, 1 dot, negative.

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