Storm Guard Module

Storm Guard is designed to protect the fence side of a fencer. Storm Guard can be used will all brands and types of electric fencers with 1 joule or greater output. It's easy to use--just attach it to the fence and ground terminals. Storm Guard will protect your fencer from lightning up to 6,500 peak amps, 1,250 peak joules, and clamping voltage of 8,250 volts.

Installation Instructions:
To install Storm Guard on newer Zareba models, first unplug the fence controller from power source, then disconnect fence and ground wires from the fencer and slide the Storm Guard over the terminals of the fencer. Re-attach the fence and ground wires in front of the module. (You will not need extra wires and screws provided.)

To install Storm Guard on older Zareba models or any other fencer, first unplug fence controller from power source, then disconnect fence and ground wires from electric fencer. Connect fence and ground wires, and two lead wires to the module with screws and wing nuts provided. Now connect two lead wires to your fencer. (Be sure to connect ground to ground and fence to fence.)

How do you know when Storm Guard has worked properly?

After a storm check your electric fence for voltage. This is best done by using a five light fence tester or a digital fence meter. If you have power on your fence there is no need to check further. If you do not have power on your fence, unplug the fencer and remove the Storm Guard module from fencer. You can now plug the fencer back in and check for output. If the fencer is working properly the module has done its job and needs to be replaced. The fencer can be operated normally until a new module has been purchased. If the Storm Guard module and fencer are bad, the lightning strike has exceeded your Storm Guard surge specifications.

Why does lightning cause so much damage to electric fencers?

First of all your fencer is attached to hundreds or thousands of feet of metal wire that acts like an antenna for lightning. Lightning rarely strikes your fence, but induces voltage on the fence. This can happen from lightning that strikes several miles away. Most electric fences are subject to this type of strike at least 4 times a year. This is the type of damage Storm Guard can protect your fencer from. A direct lightning strike to your fence or utility supply usually will cause a failure in spite of any efforts or expense made to protect a fencer. Statistics maintain this type of strike can happen once every 10 years under normal weather conditions.

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