Pail De-Icer
Allied Precicion Industries, Inc.

This submersible de-icer is perfect for buckets, pails, pans or birdbaths. The unit comes with a stainless steel guard, 6 foot cord, cord-chew protector and built-in thermostat. An adjustable clamp is also included, which allows the user to attach the de-icer to the water container. It will de-ice a maximum of 15 gallons. It is safe for both metallic and non-metallic containers. 200 watts, 120 volts.

This de-icer has a built-in safety thermostat. In the event the de-icer is removed or thrown from the water container, it is designed to shut off before the heating element becomes hot enough to ignite a fire. If left energized the built-in safety device will gradually begin to cool, eventually allowing the heater to begin to operate. The heater will “cycle” like this until it is either immersed once again in water or the plug is pulled. Although the heater will not be hot enough to ignite a fire it will be hot enough to burn your hand or possibly scorch the surface it is lying on. This safety thermostat should be regarded as an emergency back-up. You should install this de-icer so it will not come in contact with combustible materials.

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