Small Animal Tattoo Kit 5/16”

Same size plier as Standard, but holds 5 smaller digits. Favored by sheep producers. Strong aluminum alloy body. Positive ear release lifts ear off needles to prevent scratched tattoos. Unique design prevents digits from being inserted upside down.

Directions For Use Of Tattoo Set:
Place the figures or letters which you wish to use to identify the animal into the slotted jaw of the marker, close the lock, and before punching the ear, try the marker in a piece of cardboard so as to assure yourself that the figures or letters are in the order desired.

Next, hold the animal closely enough to prevent violent movements of the head. Select a spot in the ear as near the center as possible and well back from the edge where the skin is light in color and free from hair, being careful to avoid the ribs or cords. (Placing the tattoo in one of these ribs usually means a poor tattoo as well as an excessive flow of blood.) After selected spot has been thoroughly cleaned, insert the ear between the jaws of the marker with the figures or letters on the inside of the ear over the prepared spot, close the jaws quickly and firmly and release quickly to avoid tearing. After ear has been punctured, rub ink thoroughly over punctures with finger. Rub each puncture until well tilled. In case of an excessive flow of blood, it is necessary to use more ink and rub longer. After making a written memoranda of the marks put in the ear, the job is finished.

Follow These Important Precautions:

1.       Clean inside of ear entirely free of grease, dirt, wax, with a cloth dampened with alcohol or a coarse dry cloth.

2.       Clean tattoo digits free from dirt, hair, etc. with alcohol and a wire brush (the same may be used on the tattoo plier).

3.       Avoid hair, dark skin, and the cords or ribs in the ear.

4.       Be sure that the pins of the tattoo set are driven deep into the surface of the ear.

5.       Use plenty of ink.

6.       . Rub ink well into perforations after puncturing ear. The secret of the operation is to get the ink in below the surface of the ear.

Note: The chains on your rotary tattoo are designed to rotate only in one direction. Do not force any chain in another direction. If you rotate them in an improper manner you will cause permanent damage to your rotary which will require shop repair.


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