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Fast, Free Shipping on most $75+ orders


Plaza Enterprises, Inc.


General Information:


The following installation items are furnished: Self-adhesive rubber gasket, template, and 8 wood

Screws. The following tools needed to install: Pencil, awl or nail, tacks, thumb tacks, or tape: drill:

1/8” and 3/8” drill bit: key hole jig saw: straight edge: and Phillips screwdriver.


Directions for Installation:


  1. Please read instructions carefully. Improper installation may cause damage to your

      Magnador™ and void any warranty action by manufacturer.

  1. To decide the height of your Magnador® pet door, the top opening should be at shoulder level of your pet, if not higher. The Magnador® pet door must be installed on a flat surface. Fasten the template in place with thumb tacks, tacks or tape. Draw a line around the outside edge of template. Use a nail or awl to mark the 8 screw positions through the + marks on the template, then mark the 4 corners through the + marks. Remove the template, draw a line connecting the 4 corner marks using a line connecting the 4 corner marks using a straight edge, this represents the cut out area.
  2. Drill 3/8” holes on the INSIDE of each corner of the cut out AREA. Using a key hole, jig saw, or etc., cut on the line to all corners. Drill the 8 screw holes that you marked earlier using 1/8” drill bit.
  3. Cut proper lengths of gasket material, remove the protective backing and apply between railed gasket guide lines on back surface (flat side). The HOOD and CANOPY should face toward the exterior to give maximum weather protection.
  4. Affix your Magnador® to the mounting surface with four corner screws, then check for a free and unobstructed swing of the hinged panel. If rubbing between “frame and panel” appears this can be corrected by applying light pressure on the frame when tightening the remainder  of mounting screws. Tighten all screws evenly only enough to slightly compress the gasket. Remember, the Magnador® must be installed where “HOOD or Canopy” faces the exterior.
  5. The magnetic “holding” power can be increased by applying pressure upward against center of lower frame area when tightening the two screws at the bottom of frame. The proper distance between magnets is 4 thicknesses of paper. To decrease holding power, apply downward pressure.








6” x 8”

7 7/8” x 10 ½”


11” x 13”

13” x 15 5/8”


13” x 19 ¾”

17” x 24”



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